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We, Revaz Capital, started the ball rolling from the year 2010. Our aim is to explore the financial market. Initially, Revaz Capital started out as a firm for the Commodity Market as a youngest member all over India. With so many options available today for insurance and investments it has got people more confused than relaxed. We act as a friend and as an advisor for your finances and are here to make your life easier. Revaz Capital offers services and guidance for your needs and wants. You can find an array of services-mutual funds, investments etc under one umbrella. Life's a rollercoaster and we are your seatbelt. Providing you with the financial advice and services to make you financially independent is what we work for. We believe in "Invest Now for a better, brighter future.” Revaz Capital aims to be a source of information, knowledge and exposure and uplift your finances. Our vision is to work as a corporate style and with utter professionalism. Our approach is not restricted to any class and want to reach out to people of small and middle level. Your security is our priority.

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